Actuate with Heaps - doesn't update position

I’ve been testing using Actuate with Heaps. I have a Bitmap added to the scene and I use Actuate.tween(mybitmap, 10, {x:100});

It doesn’t work unless I add something that modifies the mybitmap in update method:

override function update(dt:Float) {
mybitmap.y+=0; // without this line Actuate changes mybitmap.x but it doesn’t get animated on screen

Edit: it seems Actuate in HTML5 doesn’t fire setters properly, instead sets the property directly - this causes posChanged not to be set to true and hence the object not moving on screen despite x/y changing. Not sure what is the workaround - using a different tweening engine instead?


i don’t have an answer to your question, but, you’ve got me starting to think that maybe the .js/html5 build isn’t the way to go about making stuff with Heaps, despite it being in the Hello World set-up tutorial, and instead compiling/building with “HashLink” to desktop would be more legit, especially since that’s SDL’s main target…

unless, of course, you actually wanted to target web as your main platform… then… well, that sucks. :confused:

So, AFAIK the Heaps html5/browser aspect should work quite well, I mean it should be really d’accord with a library written in Haxe, JS and ActionScript… However Heaps is not yet mentioned in the test project’s .hxml anyway… so maybe there’s something yet missing to make it work with Heaps…? (or Rahil’s right with SDL? Idk how Actuate really works under the hood)

Maybe ask someone like Yanrishatum (and others) on discord, but he usually has a clue how it’s all rendered (maybe need some sync or so), which might be crucial. But the idea with Actuate is interesting, especially for our beginners

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