Adding a showcase page to

Edit: Heaps has a showcase in the About page…

Hi there!
I was wondering if it was okay to add a page to the site that shows released products that have been made with Heaps. I feel like e.g. the games from Shiro Games presented in the main page under “2D and 3D accelerated graphics” deserve much more credit and so do the full game samples, which are much too hidden.
Also I feel like it would be really nice to present some games the community has made, either on the same page or on a separated page, idk. E.g. the games from Deepnight based on Heaps (though built on gameBase, but which shouldn’t matter).

What do you think, wouldn’t that be nice to brag and show off a little? Heaps can celebrate it’s capabilities and the beautiful products that have been created using it. :cowboy_hat_face: :point_right: :telescope: :+1: :muscle: