Bad mesh for GeoSphere

I’ve created tiny app that displays new GeoSphere(2) object in wire fame. It seems that sphere’s wireframe is a bit off:

You can see there are quite a lot of non-triangular edges.

What am I doing wrong?

var sphere = new GeoSphere(2);
var obj = new Mesh(sphere, s3d);

Full code:

class GeoSphereDemo extends hxd.App {
	var time:Float = 0.;
	var sphere:h3d.scene.Mesh;

	override function init() {
		var prim = new h3d.prim.GeoSphere(2);
		sphere = new h3d.scene.Mesh(prim, s3d);
		sphere.material.mainPass.wireframe = true;

	override function update(dt:Float) {
		time += dt*.2;
		this.sphere.setRotationAxis(-0.5, 2, Math.cos(time), time + Math.PI / 2);

	static function main() {
		new GeoSphereDemo();

I’m trying this out with JS target in Chrome.