Can't use pure color material for FBX model


I am trying to import FBX model which uses plain colors for materials (sample). However while model is correctly imported as multimaterial, color for material is lacking. I have looked FBX parser used and it seems that it only supports vertex color in presense of the texture property.

Am I missing some obvious solution to this? Can I generate the FBX files in different manner to preserve colors? (orignal is obj+mtl).

I presume that cleanest approach would be to parse additonal properties and add shaders for Ambient/Diffuse/Specular? Isn’t that overkill to create texture for shader just for sake of passing color?


Maybe that’s a shortcoming on our side, it should clearly allow parsing vertex color value even if no texture is applied. This could be fixed by changing the implementation in hxd.fmt.hmd / hxd.fmt.fbx