Comparison to Coso2d-X, Godot and Kha


Hi folks,

Finally some fresh website and a place for discussion! :smile:

I was working with Cocos2d-X, Kha and Godot recently so I wanted to check on your thoughts in regards to Heaps vs. Cosoc2d-X, vs. Godot vs. Kha and ask some questions about it.

  • Is there a benchmark to compare it with the aforementioned frameworks (I’m aware that Kha is not an engine though). Maybe some of BunnyMark (just to have some numbers as it’s not a representative benchmark)?
  • IIRC there was some “friendly agreement” using/implementing Kha as a backend for Heaps. What would the benefits be (better performance, more targets, more stable etc.)?
  • Godot has some nice editor. Is Heaps/Hide aiming to offer the same functionality?
  • Pros/Cons compared to Godot/Kha

Thank you for any input and thoughts you are able to share!

  • benchmarks: it is quite hard to tell TBH. you can only benchmark for a very specific thing and that will only tell you as much. I can tell that Heaps is quite efficient and lightweight, and has been used in widely successful commercial games such as Northgard and Dead Cells. Can’t tell about other frameworks.

  • Heaps Kha backend: yes Robert started working on it, still WIP. This would provide additional backends for Heaps, as wells as additional low level support (Vulkan for instance) that HashLink target does not yet have.

  • HIDE is aiming as to be some tooling dev env, where you can use existing tools (model view, 3d level editor, etc.) or write your own, customize, add plugins easily etc. It’s NOT a game engine like Unity or Unreal where you can hit “play” and run the game immediately. It’s more an authoring tool.

  • Pro/Cons : Heaps is more high level than Kha, it provides a full 2D/3D scene graph, I haven’t use Godot but from what I see Heaps is maybe less high level than Godot so let you build you game exactly the way you want.