Custom top menu on MacOS?

Hi there
How can I custom the Top Menu in macos ?
I’ve searched for a while, can’t find any info about this in haxe (even other game framework ) ,almost every game framework does not support custom the top menu on macos
the only info I can find is this post on SDL forum

And I get success by adding the mainmenu.nib to SDL Xcode project (following Max_Horn’s post)
But how about custom top menu(mac) in hashlink heaps ?
I found this GitHub - starburst997/xcode-heaps: Testing Heaps hlc on Mac / iOS
but I can not compile this since it’s out of date
I want to know if I add mainmenu.nib(xib) to the project , will it show the custom one ?
If yes , is it easy to communicate with the hashlink heaps window ?