Dead Cells physics engine

Sooo i’ve finished Dead Cells on Nintendo Switch. I must say the game is SUPER responsive, controls are butter smooth.
I think about making my own game (like 10 years now lol) and I think heaps is a good choice.
So I’m wondering if Dead Cells game uses one of open source physics engine or is it custom made for this game?

I think it’s a custom made one. the user deepnight is one of the game developer. he says that he used his template file ( It uses Grid coordinates. even the collisions are custom made one(literally)

i mean in heaps we have x and y; just the resolution of the monitor;

but in his gameBase template file it uses cx and cy (grid coordinates) where there is grids like in the level map…

I am not a perfect explainer… check out his tutorials on


For anyone wondering why Dead Cells controls feels right, you can get an idea with this talk at gdc from Sebastien Benard.

Controls are at → 12:30