Debugging hl/c stacks

Hi all, first post for me!

Long time Haxe user, recent Heaps convert. Having a lot of fun porting an old game built for modded OpenFL to Heaps, and generally speaking it’s been a joy. The ease with which buffers can be allocated and arbitrary textured polys can be drawn into a pipeline that generally stays consistent with blending state, post processing etc is a real boon for implementing drawing that isn’t available out of the box. Really great work everyone involved!

I’m comfy working with js/hl as dev targets for now (though js is becoming less and less solid the more I progress), but building for windows with hl_c is giving me some hickups. I’m generally okay with SDL, but I would like to try DX for Win builds and for some reason I am getting nullref exceptions at unexpected places where I don’t get them for SDL.

This in and of itself is not a problem, I would just like to know how to get a better stack trace so I can figure out where things are cracking. It seems to happen the instant any kind of draw call happens, but beyond that my stack in the console just looks like this:

Null access
Called from module hl_call_method(?:0)
Called from module hl_dyn_call(?:0)
Called from module hl_dyn_call_safe(?:0)
Called from module hl_throw(?:0)

What does this tell me? How can I improve it? Haalp!