Distributing for Mac and Linux



I easily found how to make build releases for windows and webgl, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that for Mac or Linux. Are those builds possible from a Window User standpoint?


Windows 10 has the Linux Subsystem Which allows you to essentially install a linux distro on your machine, in which you could compile your code with. For mac, i honestly cant help in that department as they don’t have an release binaries, and i am not sure if there are any ways to compile hashlink to mac on windows. Best bet is maybe a VM, but even then those are pretty hard to find. Ask around the more experienced people of heaps.



I’ve begun with a script to create redistibutable HL applications for Mac, but it is hard to me to try it in a “clean” computer. To test any change done in the code, I must wait days or weeks to a friend to test in his Mac and it is not viable.

I’ve created a new brach with some of the tests I have to do, but right now can’t test them. I’m far from my Mac because of the famous virus.

If someone can continue with this script, it would be great!