Example of orthogonal camera?


I have just started a game dev project (after a “pause” or 15 years) and Shiro stack seems like an interesting option.

My game will have a real time strategy (RTS) part and if I understand correctly, these kind of games (e.g. SC2) are usually using orthogonal camera. As my knowledge is currently very thin, I cannot set Heaps camera to do this kind of projection. Do you know any example or could you provide me some tips about this subject?

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Kari Surakka

For 3D you can check the repo’s polygons sample. It has a very neat camera to play around with…

Orthogonal would be x and y axis in right angle / 90°. So everything right from top. In 2D this means:chessboard

and isometric would be like:

e.g. check the gamedev.stackexchange, however that route means re-calculating positions between world and screen and can be a little more tricky.

so to keep it simple you could do a “side view” instead (don’t know the right name):
(one field has a width that is probably double the height, 2:1)

Thanks for a great answer, it made me to investigate a bit more and I realised that Star Craft 2 (or Darksburg) is using perspective projection. But I guess field of view (FOV) should be quite narrow in these kind of games.

For a true orthogonal camera with no perspective you need to set the camera orthobounds that will define your camera volume.