Executing code on exit

Hello. Just starting to learn Haxe and Heaps.

Where would I place code that I want to execute on exit? There is no callback in hxd.App that I can see. Can I hook the window closing in some way maybe?

If not handled from Heaps maybe you can try at target level? For JS you can look at beforeunload, while for HL/C atexit might work.

I have no idea about HL/JIT :slight_smile:

By the way, how do I even exit the application?

…seems to work OK.

Addition 2:
Ah, found it:

Got it. You rebind the onClose method on the window instance. Like so:

hxd.Window.getInstance().onClose = this.onClose;

This does not catch the Sys.exit approach though. But since that’s done manually anyway, there’s no need to trap it.

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