Heaps and Hash Link on Pycharm or IntelliJ IDEA


Hey everyone,

does anyone have a good tutorial on how to setup a Heaps and Hash Link project on Pycharm or IntelliJ Idea?
VS Haxe is great, but I’m much more used to Pycharm. I’ve tried their Haxe plugin but all I’ve got was some random bugs and configuration problems, I didn’t find a way to properly set it to use my *.hxml file nor a way to make it run something like hl ./bin/Game.hl. A template project would be awesome!



For compilation you just need a way to run haxe <file>.hxml , then display errors returned by compiler.
Then for “launch” it’s hl <ouput>.hl


Heaps on HashLink works inside of IntelliJ. There is an example project here: https://github.com/EricBishton/intellij-haxe/tree/HeapsOnHLExample/ExampleProjects/HeapsOnHLExample

Note, you will also need to update to the latest version of the Haxe plugin, which was released last week.


Thanks for your replies!
@EricBishton, your link points to error 404.


Of course, it does! (Note, sarcasm here.) After I made the posting, I merged it into the Haxe plugin source base – and deleted the original branch (as is good git policy) – which had the unfortunate effect of invalidating the link. Here is it’s current resting place: https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/intellij-haxe/tree/develop/ExampleProjects/HeapsOnHLExample.

Sorry for the confusion.


Hahahaha it happens. Thanks for the example project! :smile: