Heaps with HashLink Debugger Issue


Hi, I am having the same issue. My Notebook has an Intel HD Graphics 630 driver and a NVIDIA GTX 1050. After selecting the hl application to always use the nvidia graphics card in the graphic-settings the error still persisted.

Is there any known workaround for this issue? I can run the compiled hl file but can’t use the debugger.

Edit: I have forced the nvidia card for the hl executable.

Edit2: I wanted to say that I just discovered Haxe and Heaps. I think they are both very awesome and I am very surprised that I have never heard of them before. Thank you for your amazing work @ncannasse


Hello. I have also run into this same behavior and unsurprisingly I am also running a similar configuration.

Windows 10
A laptop with Intel HD 530 and Nvidia GTX 960M.
Using latest NVIDIA drivers

Testing the basic samples from Hello Hashlink:

With hlsdl:
hl.exe from command line: works as intended
from the VS Code debugger: Window is white and unresponsive

With hldx:
hl.exe from command line: works as intended
from the VS Code debugger: Exception thrown: DXError 8007000E line 184


Actually forcing the Nvidia card on hl.exe or haxe.exe didn’t work. Forcing the integrated Intel graphics card on both executables actually did, though. So thanks for the tip, because that made me tinker around with the settings.

@floatvoid and @derivmug could you guys try this out as well? Maybe it’s a common solution for the issue. You can set the default graphics card for any executable in the Nvidia control panel, which you find in the old control panel here: https://i.imgur.com/JR52PKF.png

What’s interesting though, if I set the compilation to use hldx it would throw an exception at line 169 in the file DirectXDriver.hx:
if( driver == null ) throw "Failed to initialize DirectX driver";

It only happens when debugging though, if I start the program directly on the command line, it all works. Compiling with the hlsdl option works for both, debugging and executing on the command line. So I will just use this for now then. Any idea though why the program is not able to find the DirectX driver in debug mode?


I’ve had no luck forcing either card with either graphics library.