Help: `Key` class [on web/.js build option] not working..? :/

sooooo… I didn’t get very far… :frowning:

from the docs i stole this bit to test inputs:

// in Main.hx
// in init()

function onEvent(event : hxd.Event) {
    trace(HP.debugText += event.toString());

…aaaand i can see my touch inputs (‘push’, ‘release’, coordinates, ‘button = 0’), which is awesome, but, i can’t seem to get the keys to work…

as i understand, that bit of code is supposed to trace all inputs, including keyboard events.

i even tried Key.initialize()(!), but i think that’s used internally…

i must mention: i am doing this from an old ipad mini, but, i don’t think that matters because this is just the web/.js build, not native mobile…

i’ll try testing an Interactive next… but i don’t think that’s it either…,