Hi, newbie coming from Openfl


Hi guys!
I am a total newbie coming from the Openfl world, and I’d like to look around here to see if I am in the right place.

First of all I have to setup the environment: coming from Openfl I have HaxeDevelop, haxe 3.4.7 with all the library related to Openfl + Visual Studio 2017.
Do I have to uninstall Haxe 3.4.7 (with all the installed libs) and install haxe 4 (+ all the libs)? Is Visual Studio 2017 ok or should I remove it and install VS Code? Can I compile from HaxeDevelop? Is there a template for Heaps projects? Adding HashLink will be the easiest part I suppose.


You don’t have to uninstall the old Haxe version, just install the new one over it.

You could use HaxeDevelop, but it’s not really recommended - it doesn’t support debugging on the HashLink and JS targets, the default templates / tutorials are made for VSCode etc…

Visual Studio 2017 is unrelated to VSCode, with OpenFL you just need that so you have a C++ compiler. Heaps does not support the HXCPP target, but you might still want to have a C++ compiler for the HL/C target, so I wouldn’t uninstall it unless you really need the disk space.


Hi GiG!
Before you install Heaps you can uninstall old version to a preview release of Haxe. I think HaxeDevelop still a good IDE to use Haxe -_-
If you still using VS2017, you don’t need to uninstall it (like me, I use VS2019 for better performance because my PC a really low-end :frowning: ) (just when you use it to publish app to Android, IOS, JS)
I guess you don’t really need a template for this (that’s easy LOL, not like OpenFL)