How to make a 3d coin


I have this code

	public static function createCoin(s3d, color:Int, x:Float, y:Float, z:Float, size:Float, d:Float) {
		var cylinder = new Cylinder(16, size, d, true);
		cylinder.translate(-size / 2, -size / 2, 0);

		// create a material with this texture
		var mat = Material.create();
		mat.mainPass.culling = None;
		mat.castShadows = true;
		mat.receiveShadows = true;

		// add texture coordinates, no idea if needed
		// cylinder.addUVs();

		// our first cube mesh on the 3D scene with our created material
		var obj = new Mesh(cylinder, mat, s3d);
		obj.material.mainPass.enableLights = true;
		obj.x = x;
		obj.y = y;
		obj.z = z;
		obj.rotate(0, Math.PI * 0.5, 0);
		return obj;

Which creates coins that look like this:


Issue; the coin is now more like a ring, I want to make it solid.
How do I make my coin solid?

I’m using heaps 1.6.1


Looking at the implementation for h3d.prim.Cylinder its seems that the class only creates geometry for open cylinders. It shouldn’t be too difficult to add a ‘closed’ flag and use it to add the requisite geometry to close the cylinder at both ends.
You also have the option of loading up an existing model created in a 3d modeling tool like Blender.


Thanks, I raised an issue for that on GitHub.