Introducing JSON Extended (JX)

Hi all,

I hope this is of use to some of you. I’ve been working on an extension of JSON that adds tons of useful features. It’s specifically developed with config files in mind, but likely has a bunch of other uses. The parser is a single file with no dependencies.

JX github repository

I’m looking for a couple of people that might want to test this and provide any feedback and/or issues.

I’ll be using it in my own projects and improving the library as I go. Some of the features:

  • Inline and block comments
  • Keys with or without quotes
  • Single and double quotes
  • Variables (can be set in the file or passed in)
  • Equations (has math functions built in, but callback for user functions)
  • Color support and manipulation

Basic usage:

var jx : JxParser = new JxParser();
var r = jx.parse( "{ name: $myName; }" );


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