Is it possible to control 3D animation playing frame by frame?

Hey guys, I’m a newbie to heaps and 3D game dev field. Forgive me if these questions are too trivial. :slight_smile:

1. Is it possible to control 3D animation playing frame by frame programmablely and how?
I have tried to set anim.frame = 10; but it has no effect.
2. What I’m trying to do is turn 3D animation to 2D sequence animation like what DeadCell did. My idea is simply render every frame of the 3D animation to an image using heaps framework. Is that possible?
3. Could anybody share some base knowledge about the various coordinate spaces used in heaps?

Thanks in advance!

From Yanrishatum on Discord:

“1. myObj.currentAnimation.setFrame
2. Object.drawTo onto Texture . Make use Target flag when allocating the texture. Then you can capturePixels to extract result from GPU to RAM, then toPNG method of Pixels should give png bytes which can be stored to fs.
3. Question too vague. There’s screen space, which is basically only used in events before you pass thsoe to specific Scene. Then there’s Scene coordinate space. 2d and 3d scenes use their own (what a surprise). For 3D, Z is up, contrary to many engines that has Y-up orientation.”

Also, you should come to Discord. :wink:

OK buddy, thank you very much! :smiley: