Multiplayer server side game engine


I plan to migrate a little multiplayer game developed with Phaser (client side) and nodeJs (server side). In Haxe and Heaps. I want to know if it’s possible to use heaps on server-side. Because for now, my nodejs code all the collision and interaction etc. My goal is to simplify it and to harmonize the server and client side (to avoid a lot of problematics).

Is-it possible ?

Thanks in advance,
Have a good day.


You sure can host a server off of haxe, and well maybe heaps, using a socket based system, just connect to the socket on the client code. It does require some knowledge on how sockets work (which i have 0 knowledge in) search around on the page about them I cant help you with sockets as i have very little understanding, and this implementation seems more for client connections and not hosting. Although there is a “.listen” function you could mess around with. You can also search around for other implementations of networked items, there are probably libraries for it out there.