Problem compiling Hide (on mac)


Hi there,

I successfully installed and tested Haxe4, Heaps, Hashlink and CastleDB on OSX. These are really great!

Then I would like to try Hide, as an authoring / previewing ide for heaps.

But I am not able to compile it on my mac. I get the error: Type not found: js,lib.Error at the second line of the fragment

#if haxe4
import js.lib.Error;
import js.Error;

Any help is highly appreciated since I am really stuck here…

Thank you for the incredible work with haxe / heaps, really like it!



This code snippet is not compatible with Haxe 4-rc.2, you’d need a nightly build newer than that (or you could modify the sources to use js.Error in the haxe4 branch as well, but that would make updating a pain).



If I force js.Error also for Haxe 4.rc.2 then the compiler stops in Buffer.hx (always in hxnodejs) in a similar haxe4 branch, this time related to js.lib.Object.

So I have to wait for a new built of hxnodejs? Are you suggesting this? (My apologize for asking…)


Well, same thing there, you’d also need to replace that with js.Object.

Or get a nightly build of Haxe as mentioned, together with hxnodejs from GitHub.


@Gama11. I followed your advices:

  1. downloaded haxe_latest (for mac) from the link you provided
  2. extracted it
  3. setup haxelib
  4. installed heaps: haxelib git heaps
  5. tested heaps (js and hl): fine
  6. downloaded hide from github
  7. compiled hide, it asked me for various libs: hxnodejs, hxbit, hscript, castle, hx3compt, domkit.
  8. installed all these libs with install git, all but castle (I was not able to find it in github)
  9. compiled again hide and…

same error “Type not found: js.lib.Error” in the same fragment of code:

#if haxe4
import js.lib.Error;
import js.Error;

What am I doing wrong???

Thanks so much!


Are you sure it’s actually using the Haxe you downloaded? It sounds like it’s still using the old one, or at least an old standard library.


I think it is using the new one: indeed it asked me to reinstall all those libs while I already had those in the old haxe. However is there a way to check this explicitly?

EDIT. You are right!
If I type: haxe --version in the VSC terminal I get the old one!

How is it possible?


I see the old haxe also in the HAXE DEPENDENCIES of VSC. How can I instruct VSC to use the new Haxe?


By default it just uses what’s in your PATH. You could set the haxe.executable setting to something else though.


Thanks! I was able to reinstall the latest haxe4 build. I see that the hide compilation process takes longer… before stopping with the following errors:

There are some warning in haxe but all the errors are in hide, and they are all about “Script”.

Again, I am not an expert here… so please could you help?


Sounds like CastleDB might not be up to date? Try installing it from


Thank you so much! I reinstalled castleDB and the compilation process now runs smoothly…

I downloaded and installed also nwjs and I am now able to test Hide, finally!

(Some errors happens when I run Hide but nothing seems serious and the editor is usable…)

Thanks again!