Problem with the Pad sample


Hello everybody! I am kinda new to Haxe and I’ve been playing around with OpenFL for a while, and I was looking into Heaps because of it’s more general API (not flash based) and great amount of samples. I was looking into the Pad sample and I get a weird behaviour that makes the sample “unplayable”. During the “Awaiting pad…” screen, I press the A button ( or any button or stick), and the UI appears like normal, but it doesn’t visualize any of my inputs, and the button I pressed at the start remains at an alpha of 1.


And it’s pretty weird, because I just tested the gamepad functionality of OpenFL on my browser, and it worked perfectly! I also checked Html5 gamepad and it also works, so it’s not my controller, from what I can see. Any ideas what this could be about?