Scaling hxd.Tile is not scaling hxd.Anim?



We have a tiled animation image file and an h2d.Anim object.

We are trying to scale this animated object but can’t manage it. Scaling the h2d.Tile object is not scaling the animation but cropping it.

Here are our code:

        var animationTiles = hxd.Res.images.IMGFILE.toTile();

        // Scaling the sprite at 1/2 ratio:
        animationTiles.scaleToSize(animationTiles.width / 2, animationTiles.height / 2);

        var ourAnim = animationTiles.split(4,true);        
        var spriteAnimation = new Anim(ourAnim, 30, this);

How can we scale our animated tiled graphics? Thanks!


Maybe using scaleX / scaleY on Anim would work better?