[SOLVED] Post-processing

Let’s say I have a 2d scene with a bunch of objects, some drawable.
Also a bunch of drawables as children of other drawables.

– object1 (Drawable)
---- child1 (Drawable)
---- child2 (Non-Drawable)
---- child3 (Drawable)
---- …
– object 2
– …

Can I apply a shader/filter to whatever the the scene has rendered (so basically post-processing)?
If not, is post-processing possible if I separate all the drawables thus avoiding the big tree structure.

I’m guessing it’s possible with filters.
If I were to apply a filter to the scene object, Would it first render everything in the scene before applying the filter?

thx, for reading :slight_smile:

I achieved my goals with filters.
I don’t know if there is a better/more efficient solution, but it works for now, so good enough :blush: