Spine animation support


I have found in heaps sources some spine animation related files but they looks significantly unfinished. And I haven’t found spine renderer at all. I’d like to know future plans concerning spine runtime especially for mesh deformation attachments.
Pixiejs and Phaser engines got rid of normal spine support long time ago and are promising to return it for about years, I simply get tired to wait for this great event.


Hi, I would surely like to add support for Spine but atm I don’t have a project that requires it.
Still, if you’re interested contributing support for it, I would be interested in merging it into official Heaps distribution.


You can try this repo: https://github.com/Beeblerox/Heaps-Spine It should work. And please tell me if you’ll have problems with it


Your library works fine with js target! But when I’m trying to run your example with hl I’ve encountering an error:

JIT ERROR 9 (jit.c line 3291)


i’ll look into it tonight or this weekend. ok?


It will be very nice!


btw, what versions of Haxe,HashLink and Heaps do you use?


HL 1.8.0, haxe 4.0.0 SDK, heaps 1.5.0, hldx 1.8.0
Windows 8.1 with internal video of Intel G41 Express Chipset


i’m getting this error too.
this might be the problem with hashlink itself, because i’ve tested this code on flash, js and cpp targets. will try to isolate it and report issue


i’ve found that the issue is caused by json related classes in spine-hx. Investigating further


i’ve forked spine-hx library and added temp workaround for this issue. You can find it here: https://github.com/Beeblerox/spine-hx
In the meantime i’ll try to isolate issue and report to HashLink repo.


Now your library works perfectly in both js and hl environments!
Small problem left is spine data in /res directory that completely overrides my project resources. I suppose that example code and data should be placed in subdirectory of library.

I’d like to do runtime resource loading rather than assembled into one bulk package within code.


i’m sorry, i don’t quite understand what you want to achieve? Can you tell a little more details?


I have posted this topic to slightly explain my goal. I’d like to make spine animation viewer that uses online data sources. So I have to make runtime loader instead of your spine.HeapsTextureLoader that works with embedded or local file system resources.


Ah, ok. I’ll try to look into it. I think that this shouldn’t be hard.
But you must to keep in mind that browsers have cross-domain security policy, so usually you won’t be able to download files from any resource


I’ve found that blending type is not supported by SpinePlayer method renderTriangles.

Potential problem with CORS have been solved, I simply publish content and player on the same domain.