Text glitches with small font

I’ve made a pixel art font (ttf).
Used the conversion method described here: Creating Bitmap Fonts not working for me .
It works fine for the most part, but sometimes I get weird glitches like this:
Schermopname (60)

See the gap in the ‘J’ ?? That’s not supposed to be there. It should be one straight line downwards, without breaks.

It’s not just the ‘J’ 's though. Any character can glitch, under the right circumstances. Those circumstances are seemingly random, but are repeatable once you know the right input string to draw.

Extra info: it’s a pixel sized font, scaled up after a filter. (filter doesn’t do anything atm).
If I remove the filter, it will first be scaled and then rendered, which fixes the problem, but is not what I want.

If you know something more than I don’t, pls let me know.

thx for reading :slight_smile: