Updating the Heaps.io samples page in 2021

Hi there!
Comparing the Heaps.io samples page with the available samples on GitHub I’m wondering if we can upload them to the Heaps samples pages? So people interested in Heaps could see more of what Heaps is capable of.

The list of uploadable samples include:

  • Blur.hx
  • Camera2D.hx
  • Domkit.hx
  • DrawingTiles.hx
  • Flows.hx
  • Fullscreen.hx
  • Helpers.hx
  • HtmlText.hx
  • (MeshBatch.hx) // should only be uploaded with warning to potentially cause seizure
  • Particles2d.hx
  • PointLights.hx
  • Polygons.hx
  • ScaleMode2D.hx
  • Text.hx
  • (Tiled.hx) // maybe show code explanation in compiled app when running

At least they seem to work pretty well with HashLink and js/Html5.

Should I just add them to the samples.json ? Would that be OK or aren’t they uploaded due to
technical reasons?

Thank you. :slight_smile: