What does HIDE offer for 2D games exactly...?

I haven’t found much info about HIDE, apart from the hub repo, but it sounds like it’s very 3D-oriented. I wonder how it compares with the big boys’ editors (Godot ‘n Unity), particularly for 2D.

From what I understand, the biggest difference is that there’s no play button.

But apart from that, you can still place 2D objects on the scene editor, alter the camera, alter the transform and layer of an entity2d, and probably any other properties of just about any base h2d object, right?, making sure everything is in the right place (in 2D scene tree space). Maybe even add some light2d?..

Along with the whole prefab stuff… of instantiating game objects from the editor, etc.

Is that about right?

I personally just want an editor to position things in 2D space… That’s the only annoying part for me, working without an editor. I don’t care much about the play button… but animators might…?

(only 7 results with HIDE on these forums! :octopus:)

There’s a prefab system with both 3D and 2D components, in order to setup 2D scenes
There’s also a Fx2D which allows to do timeline-based animations of 2D elements.

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Perfect. Thanks! That sounds like just enough to do everything I want. :slight_smile:

Nice to have the animation time-line for frame-by-frame collision!