2D render targets

So i was thinking,
If I just render my lights to a render target making a sort of “Brightness map”. And use that as a shader uniform to render with the rest of my stuff. But then I tried it and realised the render size of the scene is variable if it’s smaller than the screen, so it gave weird result.

Then I though, If i just render both the lights and the other stuff to 2 render targets of the same size, then I can just render the second one with the shader, and don’t have to worry about the weird scaling. But then it would render only a small portion of what was normally on the screen, and i coudln’t fix that.
Also if i chose a bigger render target size, it would just stretch more instead of provide more space.

Anyone have either an alternative or a way of fixing either these weird behaviours??

I could render all layers if the sceen individually, and then render them with the build in 3d Lights stuff, but I don’t really wanna go that way.

thx in advance :slight_smile: