Calling all MacOS users

Hello. I have an M1 MacBook Pro and wondering if any of you have faced the same issue as I did which is installing HashLink on Ventura (13.1). I have installed Haxe 4.2.6, installed Homebrew and Brew Bundle dependencies successfully. The main issue is the “make” terminal tool (which unfortunately the git repository description which does a poor job explaining it as if typing “make” is all I need to do in terminal) it just give me an error message about makefile not being present

“make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.”

From this point it started to get very confusing and it clearly requires some expertise in linux system (I’m not a linux user, but I would appreciate some help).

Hi @DigiDuck I have installed hashlink on my mac m1 succfully just before yesterday.

I guess you should install the x86_64 version of homebrew in first, because hashlink only supports that so far.

You could see this link to find how to install x86 brew

then, as my follow step, I added an alias of brew in ~/.zshrc before running make command

alias brew='arch -x86_64 /usr/local/bin/brew'

Don’t forget to source .zshrc

Now you can execute make. and maybe in process of installing you would occur some errors such as no permission of /usr/local/lib, just chown it.

Perhaps this could help for you.