Can I 'drawTo' texture, without adding the object to scene?

I want to draw my spritebatch to a texture without adding that spritebatch to any scene. Right now if I don’t give any parent to spritebatch its not drawing to the texture.

Just thinkin how about you add your spritebatch to the scene like default, but then use coordinates that are outside from what the user sees?

E.g. you want having a head and a hair cut, but before applying the hair cut the customer gets a texture/screenshot what the applied hair style would look like in theory. Then you have to save the current scene as it is to a texture off somewhere outside the user window/what the user sees, e.g. at (-400x,-400y) and then at that position you add the actual hair cut just to add it, without the user seeing it and being able to use that “secret” texture.