Compiling to hashlink -> SDL Error

I am following the hashlink tutorial and i am getting these weird errors :

characters 24-42 : Class<sdl.GL> has no field DEPTH_COMPONENT32F (Suggestions: DEPTH_COMPONENT24, DEPTH_COMPONENT16, DEPTH_COMPONENT)
characters 7-20 : Class<sdl.GL> has no field polygonOffset 

I just started learning Heaps-io & i am stumped cuz of this error. if anyone could help that will be great.

system info.

OS : Linux Mint 21.3 x86_64
Shell: bash 5.1.16

Haxe info.

Version :

Heaps-io info .

heaps v. [I got it from github]

use git version of hlsdl:

haxelib git hlsdl master libs/sdl