Do you know any 3D game assets marketplace for Heaps?



do you know any game assets marketplace where I can find Heaps compatible 3D models?
I have tried a few models from and a few from some other random google search without any luck. All of them FBX 6.X but for heaps 7.X is needed.

Btw I found this help: - But I don’t want to convert models, I just want to use them :slight_smile:


A little update maybe it will be interesting for some of you:

Finally I found this one -
Here you can buy asset packs and you can use them - of course in a little tricky way because these assets are designed for unreal engine 4 but at least it works :slight_smile:

0, Pre condition - Install Unreal Engine 4 - it’s free
1, Buy any asset package and add it to an empty UE4 project (There are some free ones, you can try it for free)
2, Select Export option on a model: Right click / Asset Actions / Export (screenshot attached)
3, Select the ASCII Export mode because later you should modify this file
4, Disable every not needed export settings and export (screenshot attached)
5, Export the texture in the same way: Right click / Asset Actions / Export
6, The exported texture of course won’t be compatible with Heaps, so convert the TGA file to png, you can do it easily with an online converter like
7, Let’s open the exported FBX file and set the texture path - If you move the texture next to the model file than it’s just the file name (screenshot attached)
8, Let’s use it like in the official example: (screenshot attached)

Step 1 - Add to Project

Step 2 - Export option on the model

Step 3 and 4 - Export settings

Step 7 - Add proper FileName

Step 8 - Let’s use it


Do you know any easier way? It looks ok but a little bit overcomplicated.