Drawing curves between two points

I’m kinda new to heaps and I’m trying to draw a curve between two points but can’t seem to figure it out and i cant find any examples online. Im trying to create a node editor in heaps and i need to display the connections between the nodes.

Hi there Redfill

something like this maybe from the h2d.Graphics class:

but haven’t tried them yet…

also check out our discord channel if you haven’t already… seems you can wait a while for responses around here in the forum…

import haxe.Timer;

class Curves extends hxd.App {
    static function main() { new Curves(); }
    override function init() {

        var g = new h2d.Graphics( s2d );
        g.lineStyle( 1, 0xFFFFFF );
        g.setPosition( s2d.width/2, s2d.height/2 );

        var t = new haxe.Timer( 500 );
        t.run = ()->{


something to start with…

btw when drawing a line that tracks a moving object you can also call .lineTo each update instead.