Flixel-like state/scene management?

Hey all!

I’ve been making games in Flixel for a long time.
One thing I love about it is the built-in state/scene management.

I’m looking at playing around with Heaps, but can’t see if there’s anything like that here.

Am I missing something?
Is there a general patter most devs here use?
Or is it all roll-your own?


Hi, I’m really new to Heaps and I don’t exactly know what you are looking for, since I haven’t tried Flixel.
Going from: flixel.FlxState - HaxeFlixel API
I guess you might find answers in

(Still, I don’t know how to set the background color)

Furthermore reading flixel.addons.util.FlxScene - HaxeFlixel API
I don’t think there are IDs for objects (?) so you would have to code hashCode functions or allocate IDs yourself.

I’m not exactly sure if the docs are always up to date so click View Source to see the actual code on github. By the way you can also ask on discord. And there is also this unofficial FAQ which might explain some things about the engine in general.

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