Generally Accepted Approach to Creating Game Objects



I’m just starting out with heaps, it seems promising so far but I have a quick question. What is the generally accepted approach to making a Player character, for example? Is it fine to just have a Player class that extends Bitmap and add that to s2d?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Doing some more research, I found that all of the demo games on the website seem to follow deepnight’s tutorials (, which, I don’t think really fits my purpose? So, I guess I’ll just find my own way that works for me. If there’s a different way you use, please feel free to share :slight_smile:


You already found deepnight’s stuff, so this might not be helpful, but I tend to follow a lot of their open source ludum dare projects for heaps best practices (as they made dead cells). To your question, their Entity class is a pretty good template to start from: