Heaps/Haxe Tutorials

I’ve been interested in learning haxe with the heaps framework, and I realized that there’s not much tutorials about it (I only found 3 videos) and I was wondering if anyone has a place where I can learn it.
note: I don’t have much programming experience

Hi there Facilitated

Heaps is quite not so much for beginners unfortunately, because it’s all code and no game-IDE and there’s no building a game from step 1 tutorial (maybe one unfinished, see below). For beginners maybe it’s more fun to pick up Godot or GDevelop.

You can also find help and most active ppl on discord.

There is a quite hidden wiki page about first steps with heaps after coding “hello world”:

leading to the 2D part of Heaps:


There’s also a tutorials repo inside the heaps framework, but there are only few explanations… :confused: :

the games are more like see for yourself right now …
maybe you can try for instance this tutorial, the code more or less slowly increases, but idk, it’s still not so easy for beginners I think

and the shortest sample “games” are probably these:

hope that helps
I know it’s a lot of links, but maybe you find some starting point for yourself that motivates you? :slight_smile:


Hello! and thanks for the links…
I understand that it’s not really a good language for beginners, but I like the ideas of doing everything in code, rather than going through an interface, a feeling of full control. And it helps me understand everything more as I’m doing everything in code.

Thanks again

Very useful references for me, thanks!