Hide, CDB, DataFiles and C++


I really like the idea of CDB and HIDE it abstracts away the editor functionality. I was playing yesterday with hide, and after reading the code and with some trial and error, I discovered that I need to mark the sheet as DataFiles to make it show, and that makes HIDE store the information in the l3d file directly. The question is what is the role of CDB here, is just to provide the columns (contract)? The problem is that it did not work well because when I changed the name in CDB it considered it as a new field in HIDE. Is there a way to make HIDE store at least CDB information in CDB itself?

The end goal for me is touse HIDE and CDB as an editor functionality that wraps C++ core code logic. Also, will HIDE and CDB be a good option for that?


You can either directly store the data in CDB or store in L3D/Prefab “DataFiles”
If you want to keep the data in CDB, simply store a reference to your CDB data in DataFiles

ATM you can only change the structure within CDB view (Hide prefab view will not correctly save the database) - this is a bug that should be fixed soon.

Hide and CDB are perfect tools for game data edition, and the data can then be consumed by various engines, Haxe or C++ or any other language.