How to create .atlas files?

Hi everyone. I recently started to dabble around with Heaps and I found that a lot of examples use .atlas files. While I’m programming for a while now, I’m not very experienced on the graphics side so maybe someone can help me out here.

What tool do you use to create .atlas files?

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Haven’t played a lot with it but this should give an idea.

As tool you can use: to create the atlas. Or check out spine itself: Atlas export format

Beeblerox shows how to use it in your code:

And some general tipps: Optimizing bitmaps - Game Engine

(Like always for all resources you’ll need some sort of loading/‘resources loader’, see: Resource management - Game Engine)

I remember there was more info in the Heaps docs but not sure…

(… And yes the idea with atlas is to merge several images into one file and have a file that describes what is in that merged file, e.g. “hero”, “weapon”, “enemy_wasp”, “house” etc. and they can have individual pivots - I guess? - and stuff)


Thanks a ton! I’ll check out all the things, that helps a lot!