How to get Bullet3D physics engine working with Haxe?


I have been trying to get Bullet physics working with Haxe/HashLink with no luck.

I have tried to follow instructions for

    My haxe app compiles, but when running with hashlink I get “bullet.hdll is missing”.

    Running “make genhl” gives: “/usr/local/lib/haxe/lib/webidl/1,0,0/webidl/Generate.hx:168: characters 22-39 : Uncaught exception field access on null”.

  • onehundredfeet/hl-bullet
    Seemed to require many other libraries from him and started to feel not that “official” way.

This world is new for me and documentation seems a bit thin/outdated. Could someone give me a tip or a link to a documentation that I should try next. I’m using OSX.

Allright and phew,

It seems that I got it (haxebullet) working, but need yet to ensure that. If it really works, I will write some instructions.

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Did you figure it out and post instructions?

Hi, I got it to work by using jefvel/bullet repo, please let me know if you need an example repository with heaps and bullet.