Making levels for Heapsio

Hey what are the best ways to make levels for Heapsio?

Since it is more of a framework than an engine (kind of) you can go about it however you like.


  • create a Class extending h2d.Scene and add the stuff in the level to the new method (ok, this way is a bit clunky maybe)
  • add the level stuff by a function call (when youa don’t need an editor)
  • or you can use an existing editor (that should universally work for any game)

Is there a way to make a built in level editor for heaps? Like a click of a button and switches to a editor view like with imgui or something? Right now I am using the examples that you have made by using a text file but I don’t really thinks it’s the most efficient way of making levels especially for a bigger project. I have tried using ldtk but the thing about is that a lot of the example for heaps uses deepnights own libs which I don’t really want to use and there is not a lot of GOOD Tiled support. For now I will probably just have to use your method that is in most of your examples for now.

There isn’t an out-of-the-box editor, but just like how LDTK is made with Heaps, you can make your own editor to create and edit your levels, or you can even extend HIDE.