New/git Hlsdl? /hxd/Window.hl.hx references missing from sdl/Window.hx

I found that the heaps from “haxelib git heaps” in /hxd/Window.hl.hx included references to sdl.window.warpMouse (lines: 175, 265) and sdl.window.grab (lines: 219, 230).

These don’t exist in hldsl/Window.hx

Please let me know if I’m mistaken, but is there an updated hlsdl? (I’m on 1.10.0) I can’t find one from my googling.

Thanks for any help.

I’m on hlsdl 1.10.0, too. and latest hashlink 1.12.
But I rarely update my heaps lib (also use git version).
But indeed it seems there was a commit on September 15, 2022 that added these functions to the class.

Option 1

This would require then to use a Heaps version before that date to ditch those functions and do a quick fix (hopefully).


Option 2

Maybe it is solved by updating hlsdl to the git version?

haxelib git hlsdl

Because It seems there where also recent changes to mouse handling (which are actually really nice) in

(-> commit)

(Maybe ask on discord also…)

Note, the correct command for installing the git version of hlsdl is:

haxelib git hlsdl master libs/sdl

Make sure to also use an up-to-date build of hashlink.

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