New release planned soon?

I see that the latest official Heaps version is Heaps 1.9.0 which was released quite some time ago. This seems to me a reason not to choose it as my game engine due to the seemingly lack of active participation.

However, looking at the current state it seems fairly stable and quite good compared to other game engines I have been evaluating so far.

Should I be worried by the lack of progress, or can someone post a good argument to convine me to choose Heaps as my game engine of choice?


I don’t really have an argument for you BUT I think a lot of people use the git master version of Heaps rather than the last release. As can be seen in the github it has been updated even yesterday.

It seems like a lot of things surrounding Heaps, Hashlink, etc… are still being worked on a lot. But the ‘official release’ channels do not seem to update things making it difficult for people getting into the ecosystem. I wish they’d fix this honestly.

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Indeed, I believe that having a more predictable release schedule would improve the popularity of this fantastic library greatly.

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