Northgard recently praised by German GameStar

Northgard was recently depicted by GameStar as kindred to the The Settlers series. The video describes the gameplay and praises 3 free big patches, many small updates, the DLCs and the many features added over the years.

Only criticism in the end is that the generally nice slow pace cannot be turned up in single player mode and the hard-mode AI staying too passive still. – User comments mention the game having been further developed with love and in a smart way.

Funny thing is also that the German Wikipedia article on Northgard is far longer and more detailed than the French one. I imagine the Germans being kind of crazy about the game, since they also have a wider audience for medieval themes.

Also personally I’m proud of Shiro Games, Haxe, Heaps and HashLink :sweat_smile: :heart_decoration:

(…by the way there’s also a board game version of the game.)