Problem with installing hashlink for heaps engine

hi im trying to get the heaps engine up and running and i want to use hashlink
every other installed item has been install and functions but hashlink does not
-ive unzipped and put hashlink into a folder i called progandproj ,then following the instructions set haslink in the path variable then restarted the pc ,
when i try to use the simple hello world program it says: ‘could not start hl process,exucutible was not found in path’
here is a photo of the path executible
System Properties 25_10_2023 15_40_55

In my case I have the following variables enregistered (possibly too many, because I had issues with HL too):

User variables

variable value
hl C:\Users\marcel\Downloads\hashlink-1.13.0-win\hl.exe
HLPATH C:\Users\marcel\Downloads\hashlink-1.13.0-win\
Path C:\Users\marcel\Downloads\hashlink-1.13.0-win\

(Path of course has other entries too that are not related to HL)

System variables

variable value
Path %HL%

(Path of course here again has other entries too that are not related to HL)

I find having issues with the system environment variables is very common for all sorts of frameworks/programming languages etc. It is very easy to mess things up here.

Btw your setting does not seem to use a progandproj directory like you mentioned it would.

thank u for the response ,sorry for the late answer ,it worked but now its saying that the path to haxe executible isnt valid ,do u know what the problem is now?

This is what my Haxe path var looks like:

What I did was add hl to the path variable. You double click path:

and then you can add hl’s path (its the last one in the list obviously since what’s highlighted isn’t it):

Sorry for multiple posts, but I hadn’t registered before now, so one media post at a time limit’s an issue atm.