Superimposing tiles in a tilegroup

Is there a way to splat several tiles with alpha in the same spot in a tilegroup without the alpha of subsequent splats overwriting the data already present at that point in the tilegroup?

Idk if this would have been helpful but you can iterate through single pixels.

get info 'bout pixel

var tile = Res.somespriteinmylocal_res_directory.toTile();
var pixels = tile.getTexture().capturePixels();

// this is optional, just to receive more information for yourself
var mypixel = pixels.getPixel( 0, 0 );
var mypixel_asH3DVector = h3d.Vector.fromColor( mypixel );
trace( mypixel, mypixel_asH3DVector.toString(), StringTools.hex(mypixel) );


for( y in 0...pixels.height )
    for( x in 0...pixels.width ){
        var p = pixels.getPixel( x, y );
        if( p == -16711681 )             // wherever the colour is teal
            pixels.setPixel( x, y, 0x0); // the colour will be changed to transparent black

use your new pixels for a new tile

var tile = h2d.Tile.fromPixels( pixels );

optional for use-case: creating a bitmap

var bmp = new Bitmap( tile, s2d );