Trying to create neon glow effect


Hey guys, Heaps looks so promising and I have had a good amount of success building out the core of a game I am working on however I have hit a wall trying to create a neon glow effect. I am attempting to replicate a neon look similar to however I cannot replicate this glow effect really at all in Heaps. The glow/bloom/drop shadow effects really don’t seem to provide anything like this. I have tried drawing twice and blurring one but that also doesn’t create the effect I am going for. I suppose I could create images for everything but was hoping to avoid that.

Any thoughts?


I’m still pretty new to Heaps but, in other engines I think this kind of thing is usually accomplished through custom shaders if the built in effects aren’t enough. So maybe check out the API for custom shaders if you haven’t already.

If you come up with anything cool, I’d be interested to see. Good luck!