Type not found hxd.App

Hello, I’m new to Heaps and while working on my first program I tried to compile it, but I got a error about type not found with hxd.App and I have no idea what’s causing it. I know there was someone else asking a similar question, but no one made a direct answer there.

class Main extends hxd.App{
override function init() {
  var tf = new h2d.Text(hxd.res.DefaultFont.get(), s2d);
  tf.text = "Hello World ! !";

static function main() {
    new Main();


Code is fine. But seems like Haxe doesn’t know you’re using Heaps actually. Your .hxml-file should at least (for HashLink) contain:

-lib heaps
-lib hlsdl
-hl hello.hl
-main Main

Or for html5/js:

-lib heaps
-js hello.js
-main Main

When still having trouble specify your OS, target platform etc. any info that can help

Heaps library should be installed, check via e.g. (haxelib list hea) in your terminal:

C:\Users\Marcel>haxelib list hea
heaps: 1.8.0 1.9.1 [git]