Unstable Release Build on Windows?

Hey, all. I have compiled my game to an exe file for my release build. Everything works on my machine without any issues. However, when distributing the exe to others it seems to crash a lot on other machines.

Does anyone have any experience with ironing out these issues? Access violations seem to happen more on other machines but I can’t see why they would in my code…

Oh :slightly_frowning_face:

How did you compile to an exe-file? If you used Deepnight’s redistHelper you could also ask on his discord channel for help (or open an issue on github).

I don’t know how that can happen, but what kind of machines are we talking about, all Windows 10 and how many machines, what graphic cards? (or other information that might be relevant?)

Also it can be a good idea to ask on Discord also, in the #heaps channel (under GAME FRAMEWORKS). We have many smart people there also.

I did use the redistHelper actually, so I’ll definitely check that out!

It seems to be an issue related to performance, the system requirements for the game are not high in the slightest, but if the computer is using a fair amount of memory then the game seems to become increasingly unstable.

If after refactoring some more I still run into issues, then I will check out the discord. Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using a recent git version of gamebase ? He implemented some garbage collection system, that might be related. Take a look at dn.Gc.