Viewport letterbox scale render

Hi guys
I’m trying to implement viewport on my game to make it keep on aspect ratio.
I set my scene scale mode to letter box and get black area (pillar box/letter box) when the window get scale.
the problem is if there is part of a bitap inside letter box (outside the scene area I guess…), it still get rendered. I believe it shouldn’t get rendered
I tried to add camera and enable camera clip hoping it will restrict render area but it still get rendered.
Im a missing something or doing something wrong?

import hxd.Window;
import hxd.Res;
import h2d.Object;
import h2d.Bitmap;
import h2d.Graphics;
import h2d.Tile;
import h2d.Scene;
import h2d.Camera;

class Main extends hxd.App{
	var window:Window;
	var min_window_width = 1280;
	var min_window_height = 720;
	var graphics:Graphics;
	var camera:Camera;
	override function init(){


		// set window
		window = Window.getInstance();
		window.resize(min_window_width, min_window_height);

		// set scale mode
		// integerScale = false for viewport scale
		s2d.scaleMode = LetterBox(min_window_width, min_window_height, false, Center, Center);
		camera = new Camera(s2d);
		camera.setViewport(min_window_width, min_window_height, 0, 0);
		camera.clipViewport = true;

		graphics = new Graphics(s2d);
		// draw background
		graphics.drawRect(0, 0, min_window_width, min_window_height);

		var tf = new h2d.Text(hxd.res.DefaultFont.get(), s2d);
		tf.text = "hello world!";
		var image_tile = Res.images.haxe_logo_wh.toTile();
		var bmp = new Bitmap(image_tile, s2d);
		bmp.x = -100;
		bmp.y = 100;

	override function update(dt:Float){
	static function main(){
		new Main();
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ok, so I just need do this and it works as I expected

s2d.renderer.clipRenderZone(0, 0, min_window_width, min_window_height); 

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